Are You Worried About Coronavirus And Sleep Apnea? 3 Things To Know About Using Your CPAP Machine

CPAP machines help to keep you safe while you sleep by improving your breathing, and having a sleeping disorder might make you nervous about catching the coronavirus. The good news is that most people can safely use their machine throughout the duration of their illness provided that they take the right precautions. As you continue social distancing and your normal CPAP cleaning routine, be sure to brush up on these tips for handling your sleep disorder if you suspect that you've caught the virus.

Stock Up On Supplies for Quarantine

You need to self-quarantine if you have a positive test, experience a known exposure to someone with a positive test or have the symptoms of coronavirus. Although it is safe to use your CPAP machine in a house with other people, you need to sleep in your own room where the risk of exposure to others is lower. Self-quarantining means that you will also need to try to leave your room as little as possible. CPAP suppliers have all of the things that you need to stock up on your machine's cleaning materials and replacement parts. Get enough of what you need at the beginning of your illness or before you get sick so that you can take care of your machine.

Be Extra Stringent About Cleaning

If someone else has helped you to clean your machine, then now is the time to learn how to do it independently. If you've been cleaning yours already, then remember that you will want to be extra careful. Make sure to wipe down your mask every day, and use CPAP wipes to hit every surface. You may also want to explore the benefits of having a CPAP cleaning machine. These can help you feel more confident about the sanitariness of your machine when you are feeling ill and may not be as thorough as you are when you are well.

Replace Parts After Your Recovery

Regular cleaning helps to keep your CPAP machine as hygienic as possible while you are feeling ill. If one of your disposable parts needs replacement during your illness, then you should do so. However, you will need to replace the filter and all of the disposable pieces after you recover. Consider having extra nasal pillows and cushions available for a quick swap when you feel better. This simple step helps to ensure that there are not any germs left behind that could cause further illness.

To learn more, contact a CPAP supplier.

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