Power Wheelchair Buying Advice

If walking isn't feasible and you don't have enough strength to power a manual wheelchair, then a power wheelchair is a great investment. You'll have no trouble finding yours if you go about the search process a particular way.

Find a Solid Seating Style

If you'll be using this power wheelchair every day, then you want to be comfortable. Otherwise, you may have regrets about this purchase each time you go to sit in the seat. Assessing seat style is an effective way to find a comfortable power wheelchair.

One style in particular that's pretty popular for these devices is dual bolsters. They give you adequate support on both sides to prevent you from slipping out of position, even when the power wheelchair moves. Thick cushioning that doesn't give way too easily also is a design you might opt for to ensure you enjoy this power wheelchair more. 

Consider a Folding Design

You may need to travel and bring this power wheelchair along with you. It won't be difficult to transport if it has a folding design. As soon as you get ready to travel, you can conveniently close the power wheelchair down so that it's more compact.

You then won't struggle getting it into the desired location in your vehicle. Another great thing about folding power wheelchairs is they're not made with heavy materials. Rather, the chair has a lightweight design to aid the user that is moving it to the appropriate position for travel.

Try Features in Person

Every power wheelchair today will have different features that set it apart from others. You can do yourself a huge favor and try these features out in person. It lets you know what different wheelchairs are capable of offering and then your decision will be easier.

Some controls in particular you want to test out include the different speed settings, height adjustments, and any other mechanisms that move. These feature assessments can give you the best chance at choosing a power wheelchair that is optimal based on how you plan on using it day after day. 

Moving around in a regular wheelchair may not be possible, as you may not have the strength. If you're in this position and subsequently looking for a power wheelchair, make sure it has the right designs from the jump. You then will get the most use out of this power wheelchair, whether you're running errands or just getting some fresh air.

For more information on wheelchairs, such as 250 lbs. and under power wheelchairs, contact a local medical equipment supplier.

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