Keys to Maintaining a C-Arm System Properly Over the Years

A C-arm system is a pretty advanced imaging system that medical facilities rely on. Since it is so integral and expensive, proper maintenance must be observed so that repair costs don't have the chance to soar. These maintenance tips specifically will keep this system in the best shape possible.

Have Cables Professionally Assessed

There will be cables on your C-arm, and they'll be connected to different components, such as the monitors that you view imaging details on. You want to have these cables professionally examined on a consistent basis. Then you can make sure they don't have structural problems like tears or exposed wires that would create safety hazards.

Professionals need to control this part of maintenance because manipulating cables the wrong way will be potentially dangerous. A licensed C-arm technician can monitor these cables safely and make repairs if problems are spotted. 

Keep the Wheels in Good Condition

A lot of C-arms have a mobile design, which means there will be wheels at the bottom to help this large machine move around with ease. So that you continue having great movement thanks to these wheels, you need to keep these components in good condition.

A regular inspection schedule will help, but so will just cleaning them on a consistent basis. They'll have dirt and other particles collect on them after a while, but if you remove them using the approved cleaners, your C-arm wheels won't have the chance to break down.

Protect the Monitors

If you want to see clear details effectively using a C-arm system, its monitors need to be protected carefully. There are several steps that will have a positive impact on how your C-arm monitors work over the years. For instance, when the monitors aren't being used, you can put a protective cloth over them. That will safeguard the monitors from dirt and other airborne particles.

If you go to adjust the monitors, make sure you do so meticulously so that you don't damage their mounting hardware or the monitors themselves. Finally, consider turning the monitors off when the C-arm is idle. Then they'll last a lot longer.

C-arms cost a lot of money so if you have one of these systems in your medical facility, make sure you understand the complete picture as far as maintenance goes. That is a good strategy for getting as much as you can out of this medical imaging equipment. 

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