Should You Give Your ERP A Checkup Soon?

If you implemented an ERP system in your medical practice several years ago, it may be time to give the system's software a checkup soon. ERP, or enterprise resource planning, software makes managing your practice's billing, patient information, and other important matter easier for you. However, the software can experience some issues if you don't manage it properly. Learn why your ERP software needs a checkup soon and who can help you do so below.

Why Should You Check on Your Software?

A growing number of medical practices and other companies use ERP software to complete their most important tasks. The software allows you to store and manage your finances, patient information, and other critical data in a cloud-based environment. But just like other types of software, ERP software requires routine management or a checkup to perform well.  

Your software may experience a number of problems over time, including data breaches. Data breaches, or data leaks, occur when someone steals business, financial, or personal information, or data, from your computer system. The individual generally gains access to your data through an unprotected, corrupted, or compromised program on your computer. If the individual finds a way to breach your ERP software, they can take valuable patient, personal, and financial information from your practice. 

A software checkup can help you find and close breaches in your ERP system and computers. You must first find a support consultant to help you do so.

Who Can Check Your Software?

A support consultant is a technician or contractor who specializes in ERP systems and software. A consultant can skillfully and meticulously go through every area of your software for you. The inspection allows a support consultant to find data leaks, viruses, and other hazardous computer programs in your software.

If a consultant finds the issues above in your software, they'll take action to solve them. The actions may include:

  • isolating and removing the bad programs from your software
  • cleaning and securing your software
  • assessing and updating your software

A consultant may also introduce you to other programs you can add to your current ERP system, such as advanced IT monitoring. Technicians use IT monitoring to manage their clients' most valuable computer programs and systems. Technicians may monitor your software and computer system for suspicious behavior, such as data breaching and hacking. If technicians find something out of the ordinary with your software and/or computer, they'll take care of it for you. 

Learn how you can protect your ERP software and computer system from data breaches and other issues by contacting a consultant today. If you need help, contact a consultant that deals with ERP support, such as NetSuite support.

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