Why You Need Commercial Elevator Maintenance and an Overview of How It’s Done

If you run a residential or office building that has elevators your tenants rely on, it's imperative to keep the elevators in safe operating condition. The best way to do that is to have regular commercial elevator maintenance.

Your elevators will probably be inspected annually, and regular maintenance helps your elevators pass. You may need to have maintenance done about once a month when your elevators are used commercially and see heavy use. Here's why maintenance is so important and what a commercial elevator maintenance company may do on their visits.

Why Regular Maintenance Is Important for Elevators

Elevators have a number of moving parts, and they can be potentially dangerous if parts fail. Since people ride up and down in the elevators, they need to be as safe as possible. If your elevators are not maintained properly, they have a higher chance of malfunctioning. This could lead to problems such as personal injury, fire, entrapment, and extended downtime while repairs are done.

Inspections and maintenance are mandatory requirements, so you'll need to comply with the schedule set by your state. By having regular maintenance from a reputable commercial elevator maintenance company, you'll have documentation of your compliance with regulations and you'll even be able to post the results in the elevator.

Your tenants can have peace of mind the elevators are safe, and you'll reduce your risk of liability due to injury caused by neglect. Plus, regular maintenance finds and repairs damage early so you can avoid large repair bills that result from running an elevator with damaged parts.

What’s Included in a Maintenance Check

A maintenance check services all parts of the elevator system including the machine room, pit, inside and outside of the car, and on top of the car. It also checks all systems, such as the stop buttons, electrical system, emergency alarms, and fire alarms. The escape door on the top of the cabin is checked to make sure it's operational. The maintenance crew can open the door to inspect cables for signs of wear and to look for loose parts and connections.

Since elevators can vibrate and jostle, it's important for the parts to be inspected so loose ones can be tightened and worn ones replaced before they fail. The doors are checked to make sure they open and close properly. A maintenance professional like Vertical Options Elevator Services also looks for signs of damage such as a broken safety rail, and verifies all lights work and the buttons illuminate.

Maintenance includes making sure there are no obstructions in the pit and that each elevator gives a smooth and proper ride from top to bottom. They may also need to lubricate parts that need it and check oil levels. Commercial elevator maintenance involves a thorough check and servicing of all of your elevators so potential problems are found and fixed to keep occupants of your building safe.

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